Welcome to on-line traffic school. Our home office is located in Bakersfield, CA. We have been approved since September of 2000 helping traffic violators be able to keep their insurance costs down while learning existing and updated traffic laws. Even for those students who have received their very first citation, our course has been proven to be great refreshers by helping those first timers remember what they learned years earlier. Thousands of students have gone through our on-line course over the past 12 years. Our customer service is second to none since we have live operators available for help and questions seven days a week from 7:00am to 9:00am PST. Our on-line course is made up of 10 short chapters that the student can read at their own pace. The student can complete our on-line course in one setting or they can log on and off and do it at their own leisure.

Course Objectives

When a traffic violator (student) signs up for he or she will be required to read and comprehend 10 chapters of traffic law information. By reading the 10 chapters of information in our course, you the student will learn proven methods, techniques, and ways to reduce involvements in traffic collisions. Each student will be able to read at his or her own reading pace. Our on-line traffic course will also help with additional information related to reducing traffic law violations, if you the student apply what you have read in our on-line traffic course. Remember driving is indeed a privilege not a right. You must always remember that it is your (the driver’s) responsibility to operate your vehicle in a safe and responsible manner by obeying all of the traffic laws, rules, and regulations.

Course Requirements

You the student must go completely read through the entire course of driving information and answering pertinent questions about the course material that you have just read. Understand that you must pay attention during the time you are reading the material in order to answer the pre-test questions correctly. You must be mentally present at all times while you are reading the course material. Take notes as you go to help keep your focus. No one else may do the work for you. Comprehension of this material will help the student to pass the pre-test questions and the 25 question final exam. After each chapter of information you will be directed to pre-test questions (quizzes) that you must answer 100% correctly. If you are not able to answer all of the questions correctly after each chapter you will be directed back to the chapter in question and either re read or reviews the course material to gain the information needed to pass the pre-test questions with 100% accuracy. Once you have read through all ten chapters of the course and have answered all of the pre-test questions correctly you then will be directed to a 25 question final exam. You must score a 70% or higher score in order to pass the 25 question final exam. You will have two chances to pass the final exam. If for some reason you fail the final exam after two attempts you must sign up again and start all over with our course or if you choose you can sign up for a different on-line traffic course of your choice. If and or when you pass the final exam with a 70% score or higher you will then be directed to our DMV course evaluation. This evaluation will be provided to the DMV upon their request.